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Interior materials, exterior materials, electric equipment parts, fuel tanks, tires, etc.

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Lithium ion batteries, fuel cells, solar batteries, next-generation batteries, etc.

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Electronic Materials

Semiconductor materials, PC parts, liquid crystal television, duplicators, printers, facsimiles, digital cameras, cell-phones, etc.

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Films, Molded Articles

Functional films, wrapping materials, molded articles such as seats, packages, etc.

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Society Infrastructure

Electric wires, smart meters, gas pipes, water, hot-water supply pipes, building materials, additives, soil ground improvers, etc.

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Daily Necessities and Miscellaneous Goods

Shoes, balls, rackets, clubs, inks, etc.

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Health Care, Foods

Papers, diapers, fragrances, UV light inhibitors, fibers, wears, health foods, etc.

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