Comprehensive Analysis of Surface Degradation for Polymer Materials


Degradation of polymer materials progresses from the surface to the inside, and it is very important for analyzing the degradation behavior to understand the conditions of the top surface of the materials. We have a broad range of surface analysis technology for polymer materials and are capable of comprehensively evaluating the degradation of polymer materials. Here is given an example of a case of the comprehensive analysis of a polypropylene (PP) surface.

Case of evaluation using a polypropylene (PP) sheet

Test sample
PP material before and after surface degradation:
Model samples were prepared by irradiating vacuum ultraviolet rays.

After surface degradation, frictional force is high (particles can move easily).

After surface degradation, hydrophilic groups increased.

After surface degradation, molecular weight decreased

It is presumed that Tanδ changed significantly: degradation proceeded to approx.100 nm..

It is presumed that a low-molecular-weight component showing high molecular mobility that has a hydrophilic group at its end has been formed in the vicinity of the surface layer of the degraded PP surface.

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