Resistance Distribution Evaluation of Active Substance in Electrodeof Lithium Ion Secondary Battery


-Scanning Spread Resistance Microscope (SSRM)-

The active substance has its active substance particles bonded with a binder, conductive assistant, etc. and is endowed with conductivity. However, when the bonds between the particles are broken due to degradation or any other causes, there will be no conductivity, causing a decline in battery properties. The measurement (SSRM) of the electric resistance of the active substance in the positive electrode sheet is achieved by use of SPM, thus making the visualization of resistance distribution in the electrode possible.

Scanning spreading resistance microscope (SSRM): Environmental scanning probe microscope (SPM)


  • Measurement of surface electrical resistance of electrode and its visualization
  • Measurement under non-exposure conditions
  • Measurement with atmosphere control under argon circulation and high vacuum

Examples of evaluation

  • Conductivity mapping with positive electrode
  • Evaluation of distribution of active substance whose conductivity has declined due to aging degradation and crystallines that have been isolated from the surrounding; etc.

SEM observation and electrical resistance measurement of positive electrode cross section (SSRM)

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