Identification and Distribution Evaluation of Active Substance, Degraded Component and Conductive Auxiliary agent for Lithium Ion Secondary Battery


Microscopic Raman Spectroscopy

Microscopic Raman spectroscopy provides spectra derived from molecular vibration and lattice vibration. It makes it possible to obtain information on a spatial distribution of each component of the electrodes of the lithium ion battery by forming an image of a particular peak. This technology has successfully made the visualization of any degraded content of the positive electrode components and the active substance.

Characteristics of microscopic Raman spectroscopy

  • Determining Raman spectra one by one in a specified range at a spatial resolution of 1μm or lower
  • It is possible to visualize the distribution of the active substance, conductive assistant, graphite and other electrode components and evaluate the charged/discharged state and degraded conditions of the active substance.
  • Measurement in a state being exposed to the atmosphere is possible.

Example of analysis: Analysis and visualization of the positive electrode by Raman spectroscopy

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