Distribution Evaluation of Binder for Negative Electrode of Lithium Ion Secondary Battery


SEM-High-sensitivity EDS

The mainstream type of the binder for the negative electrode that binds the active substance and the collector is aqueous binders. SBR and CMC (carboxymethylcellulose), among other things, are used for the binder. Information on the distribution of the binder in the electrode sheet is important for the improvement of the performance of the battery. The use of a high-sensitivity energy dispersion type detector (EDS) has made the visualization of the distribution of SBR and CMC possible.

Observation of SBR distribution by means of dyeing

SBR which is the binder is dyed and the distribution of the binder is evaluated from backscattered electron images obtained by SEM.

Different cross-section preparation methods are used for different purposes.

Observation of SMR and CMC distribution by means of high-sensitivity EDS

High-sensitivity element mapping was carried out for each the dyeing agent component for SBR and Na of the constituent element for CMC.

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