Analysis of depth direction of trace elements in organic film and polymer laminated film -TOF-SIMS & GCIB-



Organic film and polymer laminated film have a variety of functions depending on the use applications, and TOF-SIMS, which can be used to analyze minute particles, trace amounts, very thin domains, is a very effective analysis method for the assessment of these functions and analysis of failures.
Particularly in combination with low damage ion etching (Gas Cluster Ion Beam, GCIB) it is possible to conduct analysis with an even more accurate depth profile, so it is also effect in the analysis of organic films and trace additives within those films.

Example of analysis: Analysis of layer configuration of polymer laminate film (thickness: 10μm)

Layer configuration of available polymer laminate film and analysis of composition of each layer Additionally, analysis by making the distribution of trace additives included in the first layer.

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