Lithium Ion Secondary Battery
Electrolytic Solution Analysis -NMR GC/MS-


NMR (1H-NMR, 19F-NMR) and GC/MS measurement makes the identification of solvent species and additives possible. The amount of consumption of additives can be determined by GC quantitative analysis.
Here is a presentation about how we confirmed the electrolytic solution composition of commercially available batteries and how we confirmed how the additives were consumed in storage test (fully charged, 80℃, 2 days).

Electrolytic solution components

From NMR 1H-NMR, 19F-NMR and GC/MS measurement, the electrolytic solution components were identified as follows:

Compositional change before/after test

Modified matter

  • A number of micro peaks (shown by an arrow) were detected after storage test.
  • One of them (A) was presumed to be fluorophosphonic acid dimethyl ester which appeared to be modified matter deriving from the electrolyte and the electrolytic solution.
  • With GC/MS, it is possible to identify a trace amount of modified matter.

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