Lithium Ion Battery
Electrode Observation


An observation of a cross section and surface of an electrode sheet gives varied information.
Commercially available batteries were disassembled and observed. Cross sections of a positive electrode gave information on the shape and size of the active substances. An observation of the negative electrode surface also provided information on the presence or non-presence of additives in addition to the shape of the active substances, among other things.

Cross sections were prepared by ion trimming. As a result of element analysis, it was found that Battery A used LiCoO2, and Battery B used LiCo1-x-yNixMnyO2.

  • Particles (white) were detected by SEM backscattered electron image in the negative electrode of Battery C. These particles were subjected to electron analysis, and silicon and oxygen were detected.
  • From this, it was found that silicon oxide capable of absorbing lithium more had been added.

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