Lithium Ion Secondary Batteries
Analysis of Modified Matter in Electrolytic Solution - LC/MS/MS -


It is important for the development of electrolytic solution as well as other purposes to understand what modified matter is formed in electrolytic solution. There are GC/MS and LC/MS/MS available for the method for qualitatively determining such modified matter. Here is a case of an analysis by GC/MS and LC/MS/MS that was performed by us of the modified matter produced in cycle test.

Example of analysis LC/MS/MS)

The peaks showing an increase in the detected amounts in cycle test were selected by means of the multivariate analysis (n=3) of LC/MS analysis data.
After the cycle test, it was suggested that there was modified matter produced by a reaction between modified matter of the solvent (carbonate)/electrolyte (LiPF6) and the solvent (carbonate), among other matter.

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