Simultaneous Analysis of Gas Generated in Lithium Ion Batteries
- GC-BID -



The barrier discharge ionization detector (GC-BID) is capable of detecting inorganic gases such as H2, CO, And CO2 and organic gases such as ethane simultaneously and with high sensitivity. We conducted an analysis of trace gas generated in a lithium ion battery that poses a problem of a trace amount of generated gas.

Example of GC-BID gas chromatogram

  • It is possible to detect inorganic gases such as H2, CO and CO2 at a sensitivity 100 times as high as that of GCTCD.
  • It is possible to measure inorganic gases such as CH4 and C2H4 simultaneously.
  • It is possible to detect organic gases having not more than 3 carbon atoms.

Example of measurement: Analysis of gas generated in the acceleration testing of a lithium ion battery

It was found that the types and amount of the gases generated varied according to the difference in the composition of the electrolyte.

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