PV Analysis Area and Analytical Method



Tests are carried out on the various physical properties of the peripheral components, such as their viscoelasticity, electrical resistivity, water vapor permeability and light transmittance, as well as analyses of photovoltaic cells and thin film, such as impurity analysis and morphological observation.

Structure of a photovoltaic cell module

Analysis sections and main analytical methods

Analysis section Purpose of analysis/test Equipment/method used
PV cell / Thin film Impurities ICP-MS, SIMS, XPS
Morphological observation TEM, SEM
Surface profile AFM, WYKO, laser microscope
Encapsulant Light transmittance Ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometry
Water absorption, acetic acid content (EVA) Karl Fisher (KF) method, ion chromatography (IC)
Crosslinked conditions Solid viscoelasticity, pulse NMR
Specific heat DSC
Encapsulant, Back sheet Polymer structure analysis FT-IR, NMR
Interface SEM, XPS, FT-IR
Electrical resistivity Dielectric breakdown voltage, insulation resistance, surface resistance, volume resistivity, dielectric constant (ε), dielectric tangent (tanδ)
Back sheet Water vapor permeability PERMATRAN, AQUATRAN (both available from MOCON Inc.)
Mechanical properties Tensile strength and elongation at break, elastic modulus, hardness
Reflectance Ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometry

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