Particle Size and Shape Analysis
-Dynamic Image Analysis Method-



Dynamic image analysis is the method to measure the distribution of a particle size and a particle shape by the continuous photographing of particles dispersing in a solvent etc.

Particle shapes and aggregation state which can not be measured by the laser diffraction method can be observed by this method. Thousands to several tens of thousands of particles can be analyzed in a shorter time than the static image analysis.

Comparison of Dynamic Image Analysis Method with Other Methods.

  Dynamic Image
Analysis method
Static Image
Analysis Method
Laser Diffraction
Electrical Sensing
Zone Method
Projection area Projection area Scattering pattern Electrical resistance
Particle counting ×
P article size range* 1~1,000μm Depending on magnification 0.02~2,000μm 1~240μm
Shape Observation × ×
Measurement time 15 min. Hours or days 5 min. 10 min.

* Our measurable range

  • Dynamic Image Analysis Method can measure more particles in a shorter time than Static Image Analysis Method, therefore, its cost is lower and its statistical reliability is higher than those of Static Image Analysis method.
  • Dynamic Image Analysis method can observe a shape of a particle which can not be measured by Laser Diffraction Method and also cam measure a length or a diameter of elongated grains.

Output data

Projection area, area equivalent diameter of particle, major axis, minor axis, perimeter, aspect ratio, circularity, convexity etc.

Particle size distribution and Circularity of glass beads

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