Measurement of VOCs from Car Interior parts and Packaging Materials



ANAC can measure VOCs which evolve from car interior parts and packaging materials etc. by the best sampling method in combination with GC-MS and HPLC.

VOC(Volatile Organic Compound) Sampling Methods

(The best sampling method is selected among 1~4 below according to a sample form and expected gas volume evolved from a sample. )

1.Adsorption Tube
VOCs are trapped by a adsorption tube. This method is applicable to various substances.
2.Solid-Phase Support
This method is suitable for VOCs from pouches and packages.
It is possible to measure very small amount of VOCs due to the high efficiency of this method in concentration of VOCs.
3.Heating in a Tedlar® Bag and Sampling to an Adsorption Tube
The sample is set in a Tedlar® bag which is filled with nitrogen and is heated at set constant temperature. VOCs evolved from a sample is collected by an adsorption tube. Aldehydes, toluene and xylene etc. can be measured. This method is mainly utilized for the assessment of car interior parts.
4.Direct Heating and Cooling
VOCs are extracted by direct heating. This method is suitable for VOCs which evolve from a sample at high temperature like VOCs which evolve during the polymer molding process.
Object substance VOC sampling methods
a. b. c. d.
Car interior parts
VOCs from pellet, film and molding
VOCs from pouch and package
VOCs in polymer molding manufacturing
Small amount of VOCs

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