Particle Size Distribution Measurement of Minute Particles Using Laser Diffraction/Scattering Method



Using the scattering (diffraction) phenomenon of visible light, we can measure the particle size distribution over a wide range from units of nm to mm.
Particle size distribution range: 0.02μm to 2000μm Dispersion medium: Water or organic solvents (Also possible to measure without dispersion medium using the dry method.)


Measurement Principle

The test material is radiated with He-Ne lasers and W lamp light and the spatial dispersion of the light scattered to the side and back are measured and the results are used to determine particle size distribution.

Measurement Principle Diagram

Toner particle size distribution measurement results

Using ethanol as a dispersion medium, after 1 minute ultrasonic dispersion, we measured the particle size distribution of the toner. The results showed minimum particle size of 2.60μm and median size (volume basis) of 11.48μm.

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