Tests for Physical Properties of Plastics - Test Items Peculiar to Films -


Tear test

Related standards: JIS K7128-1, K7128-2, K7128-3

Trouser tear test
Average strength of a slit specimen as determined when it was torn by the use of a tensile testing machine
Elmendorf tear test
Strength as determined by holding a fan-shaped specimen in the clamp, cutting a 20-mm slit into it and releasing the pendulum to tear it
Right angle tear
Maximum strength as determined when a specimen having a right angle section in the center was torn by the use of a tensile testing machine

Pinhole resistance test

Related standards ASTM F392

After a specimen set in cylindrical form is subjected to repeated torsional bending at a specified temperature, rate and number of times, the specimen is checked for the existence/nonexistence or number of pinholes by the use of a pinhole detector.

Specimen set in cylindrical form Specimen subjected to torsional bending

Pinhole detector
The number of pinholes is counted by sliding a specimen with a specified voltage applied to the top and bottom electrodes.

Tests on other items of physical properties

Tensile test, impact tests (tart impact, film impact), piercing test, peeling test, heat-sealability test, hot tack test, friction coefficient test, blocking test, gas permeability test, water vapor permeability test, heat shrinkage test, heat shrinkage stress test, flex resistance test, wet tension test

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