Physical Property Test of Elastomer and Rubber
-Characteristic Physical Property Tests for Elastomer and Rubber-


Compression Set Test (Related to JIS K6262)

A set force is applied to the cylindrical specimen for a set time at a set temperature.
Compression Set (CS) is defined as the percentage of original specimen thickness after the specimen has left for 30 minutes and is calculated by the formula below.

CS: Compression Set(%)
t0: Thickness of Original Specimen(mm)
t1: Thickness of Spacer(mm)
t2: Thickness of the specimen after the specimen has left from an apparatus for 30 minutes.

Low Temperature Impact Resistance and Brittle Test (Related to JIS K6261)

Impact is given on Specimens set on the tool by a hammer at several set temperatures, then the temperature at which 50% of specimens breaks can be extrapolated.

Low Temperature Torsion(Gehman) Test (Related to JIS K6261)

Torsion angles of a specimen are measured at several set temperatures in the range from freezing temperature to room temperature.
The relation curve between temperature and torsion angle shows different by a different sample.

Other Tests of Physical Properties

Tensile Test, Tear Test, Hardness Test(Durometer Hardness Meter), Repulsion Elasticity-Test, Peel Test, Aging Test, immersion test, Flex-Cracking and Crack Growth Test, Abrasion Test(Tabor Abrasion Test), Weather Ability Test(Carbon Arc Lamp, Xenon Arc Lamp) density measurement, Insulation Resistance Test, Mooney viscosity Test, Vulcanization Test

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