Evaluation of Adhesion for Double-Sided Tapes
-Temperature Dependence of Frictional Force by LFM-



Adhesion of an adhesive is closely dependent upon the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the surface of an adhesive. The temperature dependence of frictional force measured by LFM (Lateral Force Microscopy) can speculate on the surface molecular motion. From the molecular motion, the surface adhesion can be evaluated.

Frictional Force Measurement by LFM (Lateral Force Microscopy)

The torsion is detected as frictional force through the scanning in the lateral direction by the cantilever

Adhesion of a surface of various materials can be evaluated by the temperature dependence of the frictional force by LFM.

Example: Measurement of Commercial Double-Sided Tape

[A Sample] Two double-sided tapes with a different adhesion force (Tape A > Tape B)

2 different types of curves of the temperature dependence of frictional force were observed for two double-sided tapes which showed different adhesion forces. It was considered that the difference depends on the difference of adhesion property of each of the double-sided tapes.

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