Test methods for Surface Properties
(Contact Angle, Wetting Tension, Surface Tension)



Wettability is one of important interface properties in many industrial processes such as adhesion, printing, oil recovery etc.
Contact Angle and Wetting Tension are utilized to evaluate Wettability of a solid surface and Wettability of liquid is evaluated by Surface Tension.

Test Methods

Contact Angle Wetting Tension Surface Tension
(Wilhelmy Plate Method)
Sheet, Film Sheet, Film Liquid
(20 ~160°) (30~73 mN/m) (10~180 mN/m)
A droplet(Liquid) is put on a surface of a solid sample and Contact Angle θ is measured as shown in the figure and the scheme below. Standard solutions which have different surface tensions are put on a sample surface one by one. The surface tension of the standard solution is selected as Wetting Tension for a sample when the standard solution fully wets the sample surface for 2 seconds. Wilhelmy Plate(A platinum plate) is contacted with a liquid sample. Surface Tension is measured as the downward force applied to Wilhelmy plate.
ASTM D5946 ASTM D2578  

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