Fatigue Tests for Polymer Materials



Cyclic mechanical stress often causes a structural change and/or fracture of a polymer material. Fatigue tests for polymer materials are normally described as a stress vs. number-of-cycles curve (S-N curve).

Measurement Methods

Methods Tensile fatigue,3 point flexural fatigue, Compressive fatigue, shear fatigue Flexural fatigue
Apparatus Servopulser(EHF-EB50kN-40L) Flexural fatigue tester
Load range 0 ~±50000N 0 ~ 500N
Max amplitude ±25mm (0.1Hz)
±1.2mm (10Hz)
Wave form Sine wave , triangle wave , square wave Sine wave
Frequency range 0.001 ~ 110Hz 30Hz
Temperature range -65 ~ 250℃ -30 ~ 150℃
Type of specimen Tensile test specimen ASTM D671 Type-A
Test standard JIS K7118 JIS K7119

Applicable Materials

Thermoplastics materials PE , PP , PA , PBT , ABS , PC , PPE , etc.
Thermosetting materials Epoxy resin , etc.
Composite materials GFRP , CFRP , etc.

Examples of S-N curves

Figure. S-N curve of tensile fatigue test

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