Durability Test on Materials for Solar Batteries



We have a wide variety of environmental testing equipment for the evaluation of the durability of the materials for solar batteries. When these materials are subjected to repeated impacts of temperature and humidity for a long period, cracks and a decline in physical properties occur in such areas of the materials. You can grasp the deteriorated conditions of the materials by exposing them to such impacts for a given period and carrying out measurements such as the determination of appearance and color before and after tests, infrared spectrophotometric analysis (FTIR), tensile test, etc.

Example of conditions of durability test

Fig.1 Temperature/humidity cycle test
(based on JIS C8917 Annex 2)
Fig.2 Temperature/humidity cycle test
(based on JIS C8917 Annex 2)

Durability test (under JIS C8917)

  Name of test
1 Annex 1 Temperature cycle test
2 Annex 2 Temperature/humidity cycle test
3 Annex 3 Terminal strength test
4 Annex 4 Salt water spray test
5 Annex 5 Light irradiation test
6 Annex 6 Heat resistance (high-temperature storage test)
7 Annex 7 Humidity resistance test
  • Tests 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 may be conducted under the same conditions as those of JIS tests.
  • We cannot deal with Test 3.
  • We can deal with Test 4 under contract with our contractor.

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