Non-destructive Inspection for Voids in Insulating Materials (1)


Partial discharge test/V-Q (voltage-charge) test (Partial Discharge Test)

If there is a void in an insulating material, an electric field will concentrate in that part, and a small amount of discharge will occur. This is called a partial discharge. By detecting the transfer of the charge (charge amount) taking place at this time, any defect in the material can be evaluated on a non-destructive basis. The degree of a void can be evaluated by determining the level of the voltage at the time of the start of the partial discharge.

In a test in which the voltage was raised to 3700V and 3000V for Sample A and Sample B, respectively, a partial discharge was detected in each sample. The voltage at which a partial discharge began was lower in Sample B than in Sample B, indicating that the degree of a void was lower with Sample B.

Example of the test condition

Test standards IEC60664, JEC-0401, etc. Max. voltage 5000
Test environment 23±2 °C/50±5%RH Frequency 50
Samples Insulating materials, insulating sheet, solar battery back sheet, etc.
Other If you have any particular test conditions that you wish, please let us know. We will try to meet such conditions.

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