Evaluation of Electrical Characteristics of
Thin Polymer Films



ANAC can measure Insulation Resistance of thin polymer films in a micro area by applying the probe. DC voltage is applied to a sample after contacting the micro part of a sample by probing under a microscope, then I-V characteristics, resistance and insulation breakdown voltage can be measured by detecting the fine current passing through a sample which is caused by DC voltage applied to a sample. (Example:Low current measurement and insulation breakdown voltage measurement of an organic insulation film)

Schematic and Example of A Measurement

I-V characteristics of a thin polymer film Electric current is generally proportional to electric field by low electric field(Ohm's law region).
As electric field increases, current becomes increased non-linearly to the electric field and it's leads to dielectric breakdown finally.

Resistance measurement of a thin polymer film As the thinner to 200nm from 1um, insulation film is found out that the resistance value falls.
These values are measured in the air at room temperature.

Test Conditions 

NOTE:A thin polymer film sample is required to be coated on a high conductive substrate (Example :As doped Si wafer).

Test piece size 2mm~4inchesφ Thickness About 200 nm~20 μm
Testing environment 23±2 ℃/50±5%RH Preparation
(Electrode formation)
Aluminum vapor deposition Screen printing

ANAC can propose other conditions than the above according to customer’s requests.

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