Insulation Resistance (Volume Resistivity) Measurement under The Hot and High Humidity Environment



ANAC can measure Volume Resistivity under the hot and high humidity environment (ex.85 ℃85%RH) by applying the environmental test machine. Volume Resistivity can be measured by detecting the fine current passing through a sample which is caused by DC voltage applied to a sample. ANAC can measure, for example, the specific insulation resistances of polymer materials for a solar cell encapsulant under the environment expected at a site for a solar system.

Example: Comparison of Insulation Resistivity of Materials with Temperature and Humidity

Samples : PPS(Polyphenylene sulfide)  PA6(Nylon6)  PA66(Nylon66)

The small change in volume resistivity of PPS was observed due to the less water absorption character.
On the other hand, PA66 and PA6 showed the big downward tendency of volume resistivity due to their strong water absorption character.

Test Conditions

Test standard JIS K6911,ASTM D257 Range >Resistance106Ω
Test environment Controlable in Temp. & Humidity Size About 100mm × 100mm
Voltage Up to 1000 V Number n = 1 ~

ANAC can propose other conditions than the above according to customer’s requests.

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