Electrochemical Degradation Test of The Catalyst for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell (PEFC)
(Measurement of Pt surface area)



The electrochemical area of Pt particles supported on the catalyst for fuel cells is measured by Hydrodynamic Voltammetry (under Nitrogen saturation).

Rotating Electrode (GC-RDE)

Cyclic voltammetry (under Nitrogen saturation)

● Standard condition

①Sample Powder catalyst, 50mg~, H2O/CH3OH dispersion*
②Temperature Room Temperature
③Electrolytes* 1M-HClO4
④Atmosphere under the nitrogen saturation
⑤Potential* Initial potential 0.90V, High potential 1.20V, Low potential 0.05V vs RHE
⑥Scan rate* 0.05V/sec
⑦Rotational speed* 400rpm

● Notes

The consecutive hydrodynamic measurement is also possible.
ANAC can propose other conditions than the standard condition according to customer’s requests.

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