Measurements of Relative Permittivity(εr)and Dissipation Factor(tanδ) (110Hz~1MHz / Stepwise)



It's important to measure the dielectricity (permittivity and tangent of loss angle) which is one of important electrical properties to develop materials for bottles, films, sheets and home electronics etc.. Capacitance and Conductance values are measured by the automatic dielectric loss measuring device, then the dielectricity can be calculated by the formula below using Capacitance and Conductance values measured.

Measurement System: Three terminal measurement method by a mutual induction bridge circuit (The measurement accuracy is improved by a substitution measurement method.)
Related Standard: ASTM D150,JIS K6911,JIS K6922-2

Electrode attachment of a sample

Electrode Treatment:by Tin Foil or Conductive Paint

A Sample / Test condition

Sheet Shape & Size Range More than 55mmΦ or □, Thickness 0.2~3.2mm
R.T.~200℃ (n=3)
Liquid Quantity
Temp. Range
≧about 10ml
R.T.~ 100℃ (n=1)
Range Capacitance ≧185pF, Volume resistivity ≧106Ωcm

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