Breakdown Voltage Tests



ANAC can measure Breakdown Voltage(kV), Electric Breakdown Strength(kV/s), and Electric Strength. These parameters are the reference for the capacity of voltage of a solid electrical insulating material.

Outline Drawing

Test specimen size
Sheet: 100×100 mm
0.5 ~3 tmm
n = 5
Film: 100×100 mm
30 ~500 μm
n = 5

Test type

Test method Test contents
(1) Short-Time(rapid-rise) Test Voltage is applied to a material at the constant increasing rate of speed so that 10-20sec. of an electric breakdown is occurred. Electric breakdown strength is calculated by dividing the voltage which causes the electric breakdown by the thickness of a sample.
(2) Step by Step Test 40% of the breakdown voltage obtained in the short time breakdown voltage test above is applied to a sample for 20 seconds. Then, the highest voltage which can not causes an electric breakdown is measured by increasing the voltage applied to a sample for 20 sec. at the increasing speed regulated in ASTM, IEC and JIS etc.
(3) Withstand Voltage Test It is observed whether an electric breakdown is occurred or not under the regulated voltage after the regulated time in ASTM, ICE and JIS etc...

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