Insulation Resistance Test
(Surface Resistivity and Volume Resistivity )



urface resistivity and volume resistivity can be measured by measuring the electrical currents which passes on the surface and through the inside of a material when DC voltage is applied to a material.

Insulation and Electrostatic Property of a material can be evaluated by these surface resistivity and volume resistivity.

Measuring device

Digital electrometer

(1) Surface Resistivity Test (2) Volume Resistivity Test

Test pieces &Measurement condition

Specimen Size
Liquid sample
100×100mm(It can cope with a small test pieces), n=3
100ml, n=1
Measurement Range ①Temperature 10~200℃(Sheet, film)
②Resistance 101~1016Ω
Other Conductivity, 4-probe method (applicable by the condition)

Search Number 6G001

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