Control of Humidity and Underwater Environment
Viscoelasticity Measurement



The physical properties of moisture-absorbent materials vary significantly with the water absorption rate.
Hence, the physical properties in an actual use environment are evaluated by making dynamic viscoelasticity measurement with humidity and underwater environment under control.

Equipment specifications

Measuring method Humidity control (tensile) Underwater control (tensile)
Equipment name DVA-225 available from IT Measurement & Control Co., Ltd.
Temperature range 10 ~ 90℃ 10 ~ 90℃
Temperature rise rate 0 ~ 3℃/min 0 ~ 3℃/min
Humidity range 10 ~ 90%RH -
Humidification rate 0 ~ 2%RH/min -
Frequency range 0.01 ~ 110Hz 0.01 ~ 30Hz
Modulus range 105 ~ 1012Pa 105 ~ 1012Pa
Sample shape (rule of thumb) 3 ~ 5 mm wide × 30 mm long × 0.01 ~ 1.5 mm thick

Examples of sample: Proton conductive film for fuel cells, CMP pads for semiconductors, adhesive pads for electrodes biodegradable materials, etc.

Fig. 1 Humidity dispersion measurement of fluorinebased electrolyte

Fig. 2 Underwater temperature dispersion measurement of urethane-based material

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