UV Curing Viscoelasticity Measurement



For material that cures through UV radiation, the material is radiated with UV, and the curing behavior is measured using dynamic viscoelasticity measurement or time dependent measurement using steady flow.

What can you find out?

Curing induction time: Time needed from UV radiation to when curing of test material starts
Gelation time (gelation point): Time needed from UV radiation to the gelation of the test materialOthers such as viscous behavior at initial curing stage. (Only when measuring dynamic viscoelasticity)

Table 1 UV curing viscoelasticity measurement device

Fig. 1 UV curing (Steady flow) measurement

Fig. 2 UV curing (Dynamic viscoelasticity) measurement

Examples of Samples

Display related parts: Antireflective coating, antistatic film, hard coating, color filter, etc.
Photoresist: Dry film resist, resist for LCDs, barrier ribs for PDP, etc.
Others such as special materials, etc.: Optical fiber, adhesive, paint, ink, material for 3D models, etc.

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