Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)



This is a method for measuring the temperature difference between sample and standard substance as a function of temperature (or time) by changing the temperature of sample and standard substance in accordance with a set program.

What can you find out with DSC?

Glass transition Temperature (Tg), Melting Temperature (Tm), Crystallization Temperature (Tc), Calorie (ΔH), Isothermal Crystallization behavior (t1/2), Specific heat capacity (Cp), etc.

Measurement examples

PET resin incalescence measurement (Lower photo: in-situ DSC image)

Measurement of crystallization speed (t1/2)

The test material is melted, then cooled rapidly, and the heat generated during crystallization when the target temperature is maintained is observed and measured.

Measurement of specific heat

Refer to the heat capacity of the existing test material (Sapphire), and determine the specific heat in a simplified manner.

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