Thermal Conductivity Measurement


Measurement method Hot disk method Probe method Flow rate meter method Laser flash method
Related standards ISO/CD 22007-2 (JIS R2616) ASTM E1530 JIS R1611
Measurement examples
  • Resin plate
  • Resin with carbon powder
  • Thermal grease, etc.
  • Resin film
  • Resin foam sheet
  • High orientation FRP, etc.
  • Bulk resin
  • Resin laminate
  • Resin sheet
  • Heat insulating material, etc.
  • Thin ceramic plate
  • Metal plate with heat insulation coat, etc.
Image diagram
Type Three dimensional,
Two dimensional,
One dimensional, routine One dimensional,
Measurement range
0.01 - 100 0.02 - 10*1 0.1 - 15 0.05 - 400
Measurement accuracy ±5% ±5%*1 ±5% ±10%
Temperature setting (℃) -20~200 Not controllable Room temperature to 300 '-180 - 1300
(Test material can be stacked)
 2 pieces in a set
30×110×0.1 - 2t
 The horizontal dimension in the figure above is 110
50φ×0.2 - 15t
(Test material can be stacked)
10φ×1 - 3t

*1 The measurement range is limited for films and sheets, so the measurement accuracy decreases.
*2 The test material size is standard. The necessary size may differ depending on the characteristics of the material, etc.

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