Micro Thermal Analyzer (μ-TA)



The micro thermal analyzer is equipped with a V-shaped platinum wire temperature probe as an interatomic force microscope (AFM) cantilever. The analyzer when energized makes it possible to perform thermal conductivity imaging in a micro area (submicron: up to several hundreds of microns) and thermomechanical analysis at a high temperature rise.

Conceptual diagram of measurement principle
(Source: TA Instruments)


●Measuring temp. range :Room temp. - 500℃
●Measuring temp. range :0 - 25℃/sec
●Measuring temp. range :- 1μm
●Measuring temp. range :100μmx100μm
●Max. sample size :22mmΦ


  • Simultaneous measurement of a toporaphic image and a thermal conductivity image in a micro area
  • Simultaneous measurement of μTMA and μDTA. In particular, measurement of high temperature rise in a local submicron area.

Example of measurement: PP

Thermal conductivity image at 80℃

μTMA 0 to 200℃ @ 20℃/sec

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