Test Method of Friction and Wear Properties for Polymer Materials



Friction and wear properties like coefficient of kinetic friction, wear amount,
PV limit value etc. can be measured by making the sample’s surface contact with the specified surface under constant contact-stress and sliding velocity.

Measurement Condition

Method Friction and wear tester
Apparatus EFM-3-N
Frictional force measurement range 0.2~5000N
Maximum torque 3N・m
Linear velocity 0.2~2000mm/sec
Temperature range RT~200℃
Standard specimen Cylindrical specimen 20 mm in diameter, 10 mm thickness 40 mm n diameter, 2 to 5 mm in thickness
Test standard JIS K7218

Applicable Materials

Thermoplastic materials: POM , PC , ABS , PA , HDPE , PTFE , etc
Thermosetting materials: phenolic resin , epoxy resin , etc
Composite materials: GFRP , CFRP , etc


Materials Coefficient of kinetic friction(-) PV limit value(MPa・cm/s)
Phenolic resin 0.46 75
POM 0.15 50
PC 0.30 46
ABS 0.35 50

Test method : Ring-on-disc
Ring material : S45C

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