Nano Scratch Test



In Nano scratch test for thin films, the scratching strength is measured by the diamond tip which laterally scratches a thin film under the vertically downward load from above. The tip displacement, tip loads in vertical and lateral directions and frictional coefficients of thin films etc. can be obtained. Nano scratch test can be applied to evaluate adhesive properties.


Nano scratch test can measure scratch properties of thin films which conventional scratch evaluation methods can not measure.

Measurement Condition

Maximum normal load: < 10 mN
Maximum vertical displacement: 5μm Maximum lateral displacement: 10μm

Example: Scratch Test of The Au thin film

*The thickness of the film is about 220 nm.

Friction Coefficient during Scratching
Different friction displacements were observed at different points of thin film thickness.

SPM Image of Scratch Trace

Scratch resistance property of a thin film can be evaluated by comparing the lateral load at the friction displacement point among thin films.

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