High Speed Puncture Test of Plastics



Puncture properties can be measured by adding impact by a striker with the high and constant speed to a sample. The amount of the force and the amount of the deformation generated by the impact can be measured as the impact wave. More information on puncture properties can be obtained by this test than Pendulum Impact Test .

Test Method

Range of Measurement Specimen Size Data Standard
Impact Verocity :1~15m/sec
Load :~10kN
Test Temperature :-40~120℃
Thickness 2~3mm
Fracture Patten
Impact Strength 〔kN〕
Puncture Energy 〔J〕
Elastic Gradient 〔kN/nm〕
Deflection 〔mm〕
ASTM D3763

What you can learn from these tests ?

  • Impact Resistance
  • The higher impact energy means the higher toughness
  • Fracture Patterns (brittle or ductile fracture)

Examples of Specimens

Elasticity:PP, PC, PMMA, PS, ABS, PBT, NY など
Composite:GFRP, CFRP



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