Internal Structure Analysis of Polymer Composite Materials and Nanocomposite Materials - TEM


In recent years, polymer composite materials and nanocomposite materials are attracting attention as a material for reducing the weight of materials and a material that puts low stress on the environment in a broad range of areas including the automotive and information equipment fields. We offer to you a dispersibility evaluation and interface structural analysis of polymer composite materials and nanocomposite materials using electron microscopic observation making use of our proprietary pretreatment technology.

Example of analysis: Results of observation by use of the transmission electron microscope

Conditions of glass fiber/polymer interface can be observed.

Evaluation of effects of carbon fiber (CF)/polymer interface structure and CF on polymer crystalline structure (lamella)

Conditions of the inside of the cellulose nanofiber phase can be observed.

Dispersed conditions of nanofiller can be observed.

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