High-Sensitivity (Over 10 Times)/High-Resolution (50nm)
Element Distribution Analysis by SEM-EDS



The use of a latest high-sensitivity EDS detector has made SEM-EDS light element mapping at low acceleration voltage (1kV -) possible. Spatial resolution has improved substantially, an it has become possible to perform an element distribution analysis of low-density materials such as polymers at a spatial resolution of 50nm or lower.

Example of analysis 1: Amine-based curing agent component in epoxy resin for electronic devices

Uneven distribution of a curing agent component unseeable in SEM image was confirmed.

Example of analysis 2: Distribution of carbon black(CB) and binder of positive electrode materials in lithium ion Secondary Battery

Example of analysis 3: High-resolution element distribution analysis of food packaging material gas barrier layer

It can be confirmed that the barrier layer is of a two-layer structure consisting of a metalized layer (approx. 30nm) and a coat layer.

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