Fractography of ABS resin



Two ABS samples which showed different values of Charpy impact test and bending fatigue test were analyzed by SEM. As a result, the correlation between fracture surfaces and physical properties was observed.

TEM Image of Rubber Particles in ABS

SEM Image of Fracture Surface after Charpy Impact Test

・High impact value
・Bigger deformation
  ⇒Ductile fracture

・Low impact value
・Smaller deformation
  ⇒Elastic brittle

SEM Image of Fracture Surface after Bending Test Fatigue

・Cycle to failure 4,500,000
(cyclic stress 9.1MPa)
・Characteristic “clamshell” marking

・Cycle to failure 550,000
(cyclic stress 9.1MPa)
・No striation

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