Distribution Evaluation of Light Elements(C,N,O,F) by SEM-EDS
(More than 10 times higher Resolution as conventional EDS)



ANAC has installed the latest high-sensitivity EDS detector into our SEM. As a result, it has become possible to get the light elements mapping by SEM-EDS at the low acceleration voltage (1kV ~). Spatial resolution of SEM-EDS could be dramatically improved to the level of 50nm or less, then it is possible to analyze the element distribution in a material even if a material has low density like a polymer.

The difference between conventional SEM-EDS and The latest SEM-EDS

The latest EDS detector is set between the pole piece and a sample to get the wider angle for characteristic X-rays detection than the conventional.

Relationship between accelerating voltage and the analysis area

(in the case of low-density material like a polymer )

The spatial resolution and the detection depth are dramatically improved by the low acceleration voltage.

Example: Li-ion battery

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