Analysis of Physical properties on Polymer Surfaces - The Applications of SPM -



Sticking properties and hydrophilic properties on a surface of various materials such as adhesives and coating films can be evaluated by measuring frictional force by SPM (Scanning Probe Microscopy)

Temperature Dependence of Adhesive Property on a Material Surface

⇒Temperature dependence of frictional force by LFM

Example (A sample : Thermoplastic material) Molecular mobility is considered as one of key factors of adhesive property of a material surface, that is, it has the tendency that bigger mobility shows better adhesive. Molecular mobility can be measured as temperature dependence of frictional force between a surface Tg and a softening point.

Hydrophilic Degree and Distribution on Surfaces of Various Materials

⇒Frictional force measurement by CFM

Hydrophilic Degree and Distribution on a surface can be measured as frictional force which is caused by chemical interactions of functional groups on a surface with the chemically modified probe of AFM.

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