Analysis of Stains on Gold-Plated Surface by Use of TOF-SIMS



TOF-SIMS is one of the surface analysis method and is characterized by high sensitivity, high spatial resolution, shallow analysis depth and so forth. With respect to trace materials present on a surface, TOF-SIMS provides information on the molecular ions and fragments corresponding to the molecular structure and information on the distribution of the elements and molecules through imaging.

Example of analysis: Stained parts of a gold-plated surface

Secondary ion spectrum

Surface imaging Au
(plated component)
(flux component)
(activator component)

From the secondary ion spectrum of a stained part of the mold-plated surface, it can be presumed that there are a flux component and an activator component present on the plated surface. Furthermore, it can also assumed that at the stained part, the plated surface is covered with a flux component and an activator component.

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