Lithium Ion Secondary Battery
SEM Observation of Negative Electrode Material
with No Atmospheric Exposure Involved



It is possible to evaluate changes in the shape, etc. of the LiB negative electrode material as compared between before and after cycle test by observing its sample with the scanning electron microscope (SEM).
The observation is carried out in an Ar atmosphere by means of the microscope with no atmospheric exposure involved, which prevents a change in quality or swelling of the sample.

Pretreatment flow of LiB observation

  • It is possible to observe the negative electrode material in its inherent state, while preventing quality change in the air.
  • An atmosphere shielding holder is used in transporting samples.

Negative electrode material surface: SEM observation before and after atmospheric exposure

Cross section of negative electrode material: SEM observation before/after atmospheric exposure

Atmospheric exposure caused a change in quality of the sample as shown by the arrow (deposits, swell, etc.)

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