TEM observation of Toners



A toner for a laser printer and a copy machine normally consists of several kinds of materials like a resin, a coloring material, Carbon Black(CB), Wax etc. It is important for a toner manufacturer to control the amount and dispersion of additives to achieve good quality of a toner.

ANAC can provide customers with a clear TEM image of such a toner through our unique pretreatment process. You can see clear dispersion state of Wax, CB, TiO2 etc. on a toner particle

Colour Material

Fig.1 An aggregated CB was observed on a polymer particle of a toner.

Fig.2 A 0.1μ particle of TiO2 and a needle-shaped SiO2 were clearly observed.


Fig.3 Distribution of Wax on a toner particle was observed.

Fig.4 A crystal structure of Wax was observed.

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