Observation of Microstructure of
Low Dielectric Constant Material/Copper Wiring by FIB-TEM



  • In the development of semi-conductor wiring technology of the next and subsequent generations, the reduction of the dielectric constant of the insulating film and the use of such wiring are important issues to be addressed, and there is a furious development race going on.
  • With an eye to evaluating various materials and processes that are used for wiring, we have succeeded in observing the nano-level microstructure of the wiring and the insulating layer by using FIB-TEM.

Sample provided by Semiconductor MIRAI Project

  • A cross-sectional structure is shown that was cut in the direction perpendicular to the wiring by means of FIB (focused ion beam) and observed with high-resolution TEM.
  • Each layer can be observed clearly, and at the same time, the nano-sized voids and orientation conditions of the peripheral porous inorganic film can be observed.
  • FIB-TEM is a very important evaluation technique for devices that are getting increasingly minute, and it will help accelerate the validation of the process.

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