Analysis of Impurities of Silicon for Solar Batteries



Silicon crystals are dissolved, and the concentrations of impurities in the crystals are determined.
●Analytical method: Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS method)


  • Silicon crystals are completely dissolved by adding acid to the silicon crystals. The solution is analyzed for the concentrations of the impurities contained in it.
  • The adoption of a special pretreatment method has made it possible to perform an analysis at a high recovery rate, eliminating the effects of silicon on boron, which is high in volatility.

Schematic diagram

Analytical equipment and lower detection limits

With quadrupole type ICP-MS, it is difficult to determine a trace amount of phosphorus due to the interference by polyatomic ions (15N16O, 14N16O1H). However, since
polyatomic ions can be separated by applying ICP-MS, the determination of a trace amount of phosphorus becomes possible.

Image of quadrupole type ICP-MS spectrum

Image of high resolution ICP-MS spectrum

  Na Al Ca Fe P B
Lower determination limit
10 10 10 10 10 20

* Elements other than shown above can be measured.

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