Analysis of Metal Contamination of Polysilicon Film on the Silicon Substrate



In the evaluation of contamination of the thin film on the silicon substrate, the contamination of the thin film surface can be evaluated relatively easily by total reflection X-ray fluorescence. However, in the case of the whole surface of the film, it is necessary to dissolve the film and perform an analysis by using the ICP-MS method (plasma mass spectroscopy). Since the solution contains dissolving liquid components and Si in high concentrations, the results of such analysis may be produced at a little higher level than an actual level due to matrix interference and polyatomic ion interference in some cases.

We have successfully made it possible to evaluate contamination of thin films up to 1000nm in thickness with high sensitivity by developing a method for selectively dissolving polysilicon film and adopting an analytical method (collision gas) that eliminates interference by high-concentration matrixes (Si, etc.)

Example of analysis

Lower determination limit for polysilicon film
Element Detection limit Element Detection limit
Na 1E+10 Cr 4E+09
Al 1E+10 Fe 4E+09
K 5E+09 Ni 3E+09
Ca 5E+09 Zn 3E+09

Converted into 6-inch wafers atoms/cm2

Nicalibration curve

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