Local Analysis of Silicon Wafer Metal Contamination



Metal contamination in a given location specified on a bare silicon wafer* is analyzed.

  • After VPD (vapor phase decomposition), the sampling of a given location specified by use of automatic recovery equipment (SC-3000 available from NAS) is carried out.
  • Our system is capable of handling 150~300mm silicon wafers.
  • Analytical method: Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS method)
    * For consultation about thick film or any films other than SiO2 film, please contact us.

Example of local analysis of wafers

Lower determination limits (in the case of determination of 4 elements in 200mm bare silicon wafer)*1

  Whole area
Periphery 10mm
Bevel part
(pg) (atoms/cm2)*2
Na 3E+08 2E+09 10 3E+10
Al 3E+08 2E+09 10 2E+10
Ca 2E+08 1E+09 10 2E+10
Fe 1E+08 8E+08 10 1E+10

*1: Lower determination limits differ with the sampling area and the number of the elements to be measured.

*2: Converted value in the case where the dissolved area was assumed to be 725μm in wafer thickness and 62.8cm in circumference. (Fore reference)

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