Lithium Ion Secondary Battery
Analysis of Electrolytic Solution by Capillary Electrophoresis (CE)



The present lithium ion secondary battery usees an electrolytic solution in which an electrolyte such as various lithium salts is dissolved in an oxygen-containing organic compound.
The introduction of an electrolytic solution into capillary electrophoretic (CE) equipment makes it possible to efficiently perform the qualitative and quantitative determination of the ions in the dissolved electrolyte and the electrolytic solution that has changed in quality due to the repeating of discharging and charging.

Example of analysis

①Comparative analysis of boron fluoride ions (BF4-), phosphorus fluoride ions (PF6-) and lithium ions (Li+), which are the components of an electrolytic solution

②Comparative analysis of fluorine ions (F-), phosphoric acid ions (PO43-), boric acid ions (BO33-) and sulfuric acid ions (SO42-) which are a degraded electrolytic solution

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