Analysis Meeting Requirements of WEEE & RoHS Regulations
- Analysis of Hazardous Materials in Lead-free Solder and Planting -



  • It is possible to cope with the problem of segregation (dispersed conditions) of various alloy components by controlling solution species, acid concentration and dissolution time according to the alloy components.
  • It is possible to determine the amount of environmentally-regulated materials that are contained in the amount of 50ppm or more in various types of thin film of Sn by studying the measurement methods ICP-MS GFAAS and selecting a proper interference suppressor.

Analytical method

Pretreatment: Stepwise etching of plating film alone

Example of sample

Detection lower limit

Plating type Solution Sample No Hazardous metal conc. in Sn(μg/g)
Cd Pb Cr Hg
With lead Sn-Pb A 1 <5 141000 <50 <50
2 <5 580000 161 <50
Lead free Sn-Bi A 3 <5 41 <50 <50
4 <5 17 <50 <50
Sn-Ag-Cu B 5 <5 260 <50 <50
6 <5 180 <50 <50

Pb determination lower limit = 5[μg/g]

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