Quantitative Determination of Halogen Elements in Resin



The quantitative determination of halogen elements, including Br which is subject to RoHS and other regulations, can be carried out by combustion gas absorption and ion chromatography analysis.

Example of analysis: Determination of total Br amount in a plastic standard material

Method: A sample is burned at 900℃ in a current of Ar+O2, and the halogen component thus
     gasified is caused to be absorbed into an aqueous absorbent. The resultant absorption
     liquid is analyzed by ion chromatography to determine the amount of halogens.

[Sample] JSAC0641-certified standard substance PBDEs : Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry

[Results] Results of quantitative determination of total Br Results of joint test by us and JSAC

Br conc. (unit: μg/g) Standard deviation
Joint test 170±5
(certified value ± uncertainty)
(between laboratories participating in the test)
Results of our analysis 169 2
(a number of runs conducted by us internally)

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